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Will You Ever Date Someone Who Doesn’t Have Books?

BooksI might cringe at the thought of using the “f” word given my rather conservative upbringing, but I really think this should be everyone’s major dating rule, don’t you think?  There is nothing worse than dating someone, no matter how attractive, who has never read a book or who doesn’t have any books at home. John Waters used the “f” word in the most appropriate manner I can think of. Makes you wonder if your “crushes” have books in their houses. And if they do, I hope it’s not one of those books I wouldn’t think twice about burning — those rubbish chick lit or pocketbook romance stories widely distributed and read by people who don’t know any better. Paper should never be wasted on bad literature. They become nothing but wastepaper crap if that’s the case. So here’s my unsolicited dating advice: Do yourself a favor and drop him if he doesn’t have books. And even if the one you’re dating does, make sure he has the right ones. Having no books is bad, but having the wrong books is even worse. If you are a real bibliophile, being discriminate with one’s choice of dates is as important as picking the right books. But then again, it wouldn’t much matter if all you really want is to just fornicate. Good judgment is the first to go when someone wants to, ahem, f*ck.



  1. jackie says:

    Ha ha, I always scan people’s book shelves when I’m at their home for the first time…it does tell a lot about someone. Lovely blog! And thanks for the follow.

  2. Jenn says:

    The first time I met my wife our conversation was about books. Honestly I don’t think there would have been a second date if I didn’t like to read.

  3. OH MAN! YES! I don’t need them to be completely gaga over books but if they haven’t read a book ever, well. 🙂 Hell, thanks for following and leaving a reply.

  4. I agree with you, if someone hasn’t read a book, then more than likely they are not a well rounded individual. Books help us learn, use our imagination and see ideas and concepts through others eyes, ultimately molding us into real rounded individuals

  5. proportionsinlife says:

    I never gave this any thought, only because it goes without saying: Mr. Right has GOT to be a reader, a quality reader.
    Life is good.

  6. fakename2 says:

    I love your banner photo of the library! I’ll say this: dates, which may lead to future relationships, and, ahem…you know, are two different categories 🙂 But I’m of an age now where that is no longer an issue, so in answer to your question, no. I am friends with a few people who don’t read, mostly due to dyslexia or ADHD, which I can understand. People who say they don’t have time…I don’t have sympathy. I would make time. I’m glad, thanks to you, that I’ve “discovered” your blog!

  7. Shannon says:

    Well is it okay if I only epub my rubbish romances? 🙂 I do enjoy a man who reads, but I don’t like to categorize by reading taste. My fiance and I have the best time just reading paperbacks on the couch.

  8. greenembers says:

    You know, I agree with the sentiment but I’m not sure I can be that picky now, lol. I hardly date as it is. I would love tho if all the girls I dated were readers. 😀

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