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Part-Fiction, Part-Memoir: About Francis and His Blog


The Bibliophile Chronicles is a book and writing blog by Mr. Francis Martin Beltran Baraan IV, Chairman and CEO of Baraan Group, a group of companies in the Philippines with business interests in real estate, construction, lending, retail, and mining. This blog is all about a CEO’s quest for the truth, meaning, purpose, and his love affair with books and writing.

Francis is a bibliophile who has read several hundreds of books, and counting. He has more than two thousand books in his collection stored in his small library at the Yellow House, his family’s seat in Dagupan City. This blog shares his journey to knowledge, his reviews on the books he has read, his thoughts and feelings regarding certain subjects, his opinions on some controversial social, religious, business, and political issues, and some of his tried and tested treatments on writing, reading, and learning. This blog shall also include some of his short stories (feeble attempts at being a short story writer hoping an editor at The New Yorker, the New York Post, or the Paris Review might notice and give him a column there).

He is currently writing his ambitious first novel (no title yet), and wishes to write his memoirs after he finishes the first draft. Agents, publishers, readers, followers, secret admirers,  fans, and haters, may reach him at If you’re an agent or a publisher who wishes to represent him and buy the rights to his yet untitled, unfinished book, he shall get back to you at the soonest possible time. If you’re a reader, a follower, a secret admirer, or a fan, or all of the above, he says thank you, and he loves you, too, and he shall get back to you after he gets back to the agents and publishers who wish to sign him. If you’re hater, he hates you, too, but he says to tell you this: “I’ll make you love me” in a singsong fashion. Nah, he’s just kidding. He told me to tell you to go to hell.

He lives in the Philippines as a semi-hermit, and conducts his business by correspondences with his staff through email, Skype, and Monday face-to-face meetings. He does not live with his partner yet, but hopes to do that soon after he realizes that Bradley Cooper, Piolo Pascual, and Heart Evangelista are way out of his league (which he never will).


Disclaimer No. 1: His shrink diagnosed him with bipolar disorder. Some of his writings will reflect his symptoms–racing thoughts, psychosis and paranoia, delusions of grandeur, spending sprees, depression, suicidal thoughts, uncharacteristic euphoric feelings, irritability, impulsiveness, Torret’s-like, unfiltered, radical, and biased, and often politically incorrect opinions, and obsessive-compulsive behavior. He thinks his shrink is just jealous of him because he is a true artist–a misundertood writer of such extraordinary caliber whose creative processes and thinking are mistaken for manic-depression. He sometimes just tells his shrink to go fuck herself in his mind because he fears throwing harsh expletives at her might be grounds for institutionalization.

He says his shrink thinks he is still in denial, but he thinks his shrink is just full of psychobabble crap. His Mom and Dad are convinced of and believe the voodoo science that is psychology and psychiatry; Mr. Baraan believes its a pseudoscience crap, but has to go see his shrink every session as required by her because he fears being disinherited by his parents.


Disclaimer No. 2: This is a blog for readers (and fans, agents, and publishers) who appreciate the inconsistencies, incoherence, and character flaws of the human being–of the human condition and psyche–fragmented, delicate, and a picture of extreme walking contradictions. If you’re not that kind of reader, I suggest you read tabloid junk, and lowbrow literature (if they can be called literature at all) such as gossip-rag celebrity magazines and anything that falls under that genre. Otherwise, you may read his Pulitzer- and Nobel-Prize winning literature of a blog everyday.


Disclaimer No. 3: He is a genius artist and is intellectually and socially superior to the entire human race. He hates anyone who contradict him. He hates his shrink.


Disclaimer No. 4: This is a work of fiction.


Patholigical Liar


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