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Shopping Spree

I am famous for my shopping sprees. Whenever I go to the mall, I head for my favorite bookstore, Booksale, because it has the cheapest, largest, and greatest titles available in a 20×10 square feet of space. The bookshelves are filled to the brim with the latest books by some of my favorite authors, some of them sold at a fifth of the original price.

A week before I visited the store last Sunday, I browsed some books on Amazon and came across a book called “The Know-It-All” by A.J. Jacobs. It’s about a man’s quest to read the whole set of the Brittanica Encyclopedia to be the world’s smartest man. The price: $11.66 on Amazon. I wanted to click the “Buy with 1-click” option but decided against it. I’m glad I didn’t buy it because I saw the paperback copy at Booksale for only P115, almost a fifth of the price on Amazon. Along with it, I bought around 40 more books that I really Iiked. The photos above are some of them. I started reading “The Know-It-All” the other night and I am telling you, it is really hilarious! I knew from the moment I saw it on Amazon and after reading the free first paragraph that it was going to be one of those truly funny books.

I will post my review on it as soon as I finish it. In the meantime, I am just happy to have had a successful book shopping again–great books bought at a bargain that they’re practically free!

Oh, well. What can I tell you? I go crazy in bookstores. I don’t go on a buying spree because I have an impulse problem (at least I don’t want to see it that way). I go on a buying spree because I genuinely love books.

If you love you books the way I do, I’m pretty sure you’d understand where I’m coming from.




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  1. Yes, me too. I still love a “real” book. But I’m growing an ever bigger collection on my ereader too. How about you?

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