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My Little Library




I know, I know. I haven’t blogged for ages. I kept on promising myself that I’d make time but I have been quite busy with the refurbishing and construction of my little library at home. Finally, a place for my growing collection: I couldn’t be happier.

During the holidays, I have had quite a lot of time to read some books while I was barking orders at my staff and to the carpenters for my little library project. Now, I can’t wait to share my reviews and opinions about them. Some of them funny, some of them tragic, and some of them a little but of both. I shall start posting them these following days as I am now trying to be more disciplined with my writing rhythm. Being a writer or an author allows some the luxury of having “writer’s hours,” but being a blogger, one has to follow a certain timetable.

Thanks for bearing with me, guys. To my followers, thank you so much for taking the time to read and check my updates. You will be hearing more from starting today. That’s for sure. Please share my blog posts to others and recommend my blog to your followers and friends, too.

By the way, how do you like what I did to my library?



  1. vlt says:

    very pretty, I’m about to post mine too, but it’s in the basement :>

  2. londonslant12 says:

    To be a writer, first you need to read books. Looks like you’re all set with your gorgeous new shelves – so we await your next post with interest.

  3. Envious stacking… Great example to emulate… Mine are helter skelter and strewn around…

  4. Like your library. It looks like a great place to sit on the couch and read. And thank you for stopping by my blog. Cheers!

  5. LetSdeG says:

    Love your library! My husband and I are trying o figure out what to do with all of our books, plus all of our kids books who also read voraciously. (4 kids!) I like your idea and you’ve given me some options. I agree books need a place to live, preferably somewhere safe and beautiful. I see you’ve certainly accomplished that!

  6. So here is the universal question: How do you organize your books? By author? Subject? Genre?

  7. proportionsinlife says:

    Beautiful library. May I check out a book or two?
    Life is good.

  8. lpaigewrites says:

    Beautiful. I wish I had a library like that 😦

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